• Cave resort

    Cave resort by the "three Hall Two Corridors a river" constitutes, for the typical karst landforms Mountain, wat

  • Fisherman's Wharf

    Raft tours start direct Creek Parkway West Celestine, as fisherman sea fishing, hence the name "Fisherman& 39;s Wh

  • Sakura resort

    Sakura throughout the whole area, which diffuse crossing slope, Shilin, flower Tree Birds, the most concentrated c

  • Head Gap Beast swimming area

    Animal heads Gap Creek Parkway swimming area is located upstream, about 1000 meters On both sides of steep moun

Sichuan Jiangyou Buddha Cave Tourism Development Co.
Address: Sichuan province Jiangyou Dakang town Hetuvidya village nine groups
Tel: 0816--3851522 Fax: 0816--3851531

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