• Cave resort

    Cave resort by the "three Hall Two Corridors a river" constitutes, for the typical karst landforms Mountain, wat

  • Fisherman's Wharf

    Raft tours start direct Creek Parkway West Celestine, as fisherman sea fishing, hence the name "Fisherman& 39;s Wh

  • Sakura resort

    Sakura throughout the whole area, which diffuse crossing slope, Shilin, flower Tree Birds, the most concentrated c

  • Head Gap Beast swimming area

    Animal heads Gap Creek Parkway swimming area is located upstream, about 1000 meters On both sides of steep moun

Buddha Cave scenic area where Roland's historic town, inside a large Kuang Shan, cultural resource sites are: Temple Li Bai, Bai F, SG Hall, the Hall, Kuang Shan Academy. Buddha Cave is one of the largest karst cave in Sichuan, the resort formally opened in 1986, was named in 1989 in Sichuan Province-level scenic area in 2005 was named the national AAA-level scenic tourist area, in 2006 was named the National Geological Park, Jiangyou . In accordance with the national "tourism resource classification, investigation and evalsuation" (GBT18972-2003), Buddha hole rich tourist resources, a number of types, a total of six categories, 13 subcategories, out of 22 basic types. Wherein: Key Resource 5: Li Bai cultural relics large and small Kuang Shan, Sansei Stone Forest, Western Sacred, cave river, River Parkway; Chengdu-level security units, 2: cave river, Shilin Geopark; Jiangyou City level security units, 2: raids the monastery, and Daming.
      Buddha hole because of the mountains, water-hing, scenic cave culture by the culture, Buddhist culture, celebrity culture, folk culture and folk culture composed of five major cultural context, Buddha hole mass culture is the most popular science and cultural resources. Cave include aesthetic features quiet, odd, male, insurance, Austria, etc., with mystery, artistic, unique nature, with a strong visual impact shocking and soul, with adventure, science, adventure, the beautiful, entertainment, etc. cultural functions. Cave resources and Chinese traditional culture, religion and legends combine to give the Buddha hole rich cultural heritage and Reiki.
      Buddhist culture Buddha Cave is the most historic and cultural heritage of resources. Has a strong Buddhist culture, the name comes from the Buddha Cave and Buddhist history. Republic of China, because people in the cave's underground river found a 3 meters high stalactites Buddha like, hence the saying "Buddha hole." Buddha hole where Kuang Shan, the famous Buddhist temple called Kuang Temple, the temple is Xizong Ciming "and Daming." For thousands of years, Peter Temple incense exuberant, attracting Li Bai, Du Fu and other famous poets come here sightseeing. Buddha because Buddha become attached to the hole, is still an important place for many of the faithful to pray daily worship.
      Celebrity culture is Buddha hole of Li Bai cultural resources representative. Kuang Shan Li Bai came from a place to study. Legend, Li Bai in this young study hard, every night, brightly lit, also known as the lighting mountain. 1888, the Qing dynasty, in the construction of Kuang Shan College, Temple including Li Bai, Bai F, SG Hall and the Hall and other buildings. Kuang Shan reading at the academy because of Li Bai and has a high cultural connotations.
      Folk Culture Buddha Cave is the most regional and cultural resources participatory. Buddha Cave scenic area is located, people have to sing folk songs of historical tradition. From the beginning of the late Qing Dynasty, has sung more than a century, it has formed a characteristic classical duet folk with a strong rustic and mountainous areas, such as "disc brother Q & A", "Weeding Song", "rural song", "peach blossoms fall off." , folk songs and vivid interpretation of weeding, plowing, dickite, tamping and other labor scene, showing the Montagnards courage and spirit of hard-working rich, highlighting tourist resources of high historical and cultural value.

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