• Cave resort

    Cave resort by the "three Hall Two Corridors a river" constitutes, for the typical karst landforms Mountain, wat

  • Fisherman's Wharf

    Raft tours start direct Creek Parkway West Celestine, as fisherman sea fishing, hence the name "Fisherman& 39;s Wh

  • Sakura resort

    Sakura throughout the whole area, which diffuse crossing slope, Shilin, flower Tree Birds, the most concentrated c

  • Head Gap Beast swimming area

    Animal heads Gap Creek Parkway swimming area is located upstream, about 1000 meters On both sides of steep moun


    Foye Cavern Jiangyou, Sichuan Tourism Development Co., Ltd. was established in June 2002 with a registered capital of 10 million. The company mainly engaged in tourism investment projects, development of tourism resources and tourist attractions and other tourism products business and hotel management, tourist attractions management services. Company firmly around the national "five" plan, the implementation of the Provincial Tourism Bureau of the concept of eco-tourism development to Buddha hole resort developer and operator of the background radiation to the surrounding areas to the construction of a state tourist area.
Founded 10 years ago, its development project has received the support of local and provincial level, and municipal issued a document explicitly as key tourism projects. Due to public welfare and eco-development projects of the company, it has also been recognized by the local population, and attract a large number of local people to be useful for the company. "First-class quality, first-class service, first-class facilities, first-class management" business purpose, committed to the development and construction of Buddha cave tourism resources, tourism infrastructure, and constantly improve the internal management, to accelerate the development of the company to "scientific management, solidarity collaboration, pragmatic, pioneering and innovative "business philosophy, and establish a good corporate image in society.
       Buddha Cave scenic spot is located in the hometown of Li Bai - Jiangyou City, Kang town, 14 km away from the city. Longitude 104 ° 41 ', latitude 31 ° 50', an area of ​​about 116 square kilometers, because the Republic of China was found in the river a natural stalactites 3 meters high Buddha image, named. Is leading to the "fairy tale world" must pass through Jiuzhaigou.
       Buddha Cave scenic area in 1986 was formally opened in 1989, was named the Sichuan provincial scenic area in 2005 was named the national AAA grade tourism area in 2006 was named the Jiangyou national geological park.
       Scenic spots retained the 410 million years since the age of each formation, carbonate rock, crushed rock and Xiao abundant fossils, with high adventure expedition and tourism value. Resorts is a typical karst cave by the movement of water through the earth's crust is made of rock broken stone, dating back some 227 million years, there fengcong, depression, sinkhole, dissolved ditch, stone bud, pillars, caves and cave deposits stone chemical stalactites, stalagmites, stone flowers, calcification edge dams, natural bridge and the like. Many rare animals and plants, green coverage rate reached 89%, with an average annual temperature of 16 ℃, annual average relative humidity of 80%, the annual rainfall of about 1100 mm.
       Resort area is divided into nine: comprehensive service area, cave resort, the West Sacred resort, animal heads Gap swimming area, riverside resort, Sansei Stone resort, resort Buddhist culture, cherry resort, food and leisure area . A large area to the cave, to the river landscape, stream deep gorge, grass forests, rocks sea stone as the main theme of landscape and colorful folk myths and legends conferred resort magical color. CCTV, "Journey to the West" crew, Eying plant "castle Cristo", "Zhang Aberdeen legend" and other television unit repeatedly to locations shooting.
       The mountains there are holes, the holes have water, water, mountains, it is a true portrayal of Buddha hole. Mountain on the water, a cave, cave, middle and lower three, interoperability, inside a total length of 3700 meters, 60 multiple attractions. Cave resort by the "three Hall Two Corridors a river" configuration, the holes have holes, King King, cave possession River, river boats and other beauty swing is a "mountain cave by Reiki, people blessed Tim Spirit" one of the most mysterious underground palace Sichuan. Known as "paradise, paradise on earth," the West St. mirror can pray, tea, taste the food, bathing, singing folk songs and other leisure and entertainment.
       Classic annual festivals have "let go Day" "Cherry Blossom Festival", "childhood dreams" "original folk song festival" "Bathing Carnival" and so on, the majority of tourists friends alike.
      To meet the travel needs of tourists, to visitors to create a more favorable and comfortable travel environment and provide a richer recreational infrastructure, scenic strict accordance with national AAAA level standards for planning and construction of transformation, for within two years will build for the AAAA level scenic spots.

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