Sichuan Jiangyou Buddha Cave Tourism Development Co., Ltd. was founded in June 2002, registered capital of 10 million. The company is mainly responsible for the tourism project investment, tourism resources development and tourism attractions and other tourism products, as well as the management of the hotel management, tourism management services, etc.. Company firmly around the national "Twelfth Five Year" plan, implement the Provincial Tourism Bureau of the theory of developing ecological tourism, to Buddha Cave Scenic Spot development operations as the background, to the surrounding area to radiation state building tourist area.
Founded ten years, the development of the project has received local and provincial level of support, and by the municipal level issued a clear document as a key project of tourism. Due to the company's development projects of public welfare and ecological environmental protection, but also has been recognized by the local people, and to attract a large number of local people to work in the company.

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ADD YinMing village nine groups, DaKang Town, Jiangyou City, Sichuan

  • Then welcome plaza From Buddha by Roland Road Town, the first to enter the Buddha Cave scenic comprehensive service area, in order
  • Sansei Stone Located cave formation surface, it is Buddha karst cave tourism showcase area It means the pre-existence, life,
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  • Head Gap Beast swimming area Animal heads Gap Creek Parkway swimming area is located upstream, about 1000 meters On both sides of steep moun
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  • Cave resort Cave resort by the "three Hall Two Corridors a river" constitutes, for the typical karst landforms Mountain, wat
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